Thursday Feb 01, 2024

Trip killers, sympathetic crashing, and all sorts of sedatives: February 2024 Primary Survey

There's a lot of drugs to be talked about this month, and a heap of randomised control trials to be covered too. Rick and Sarah talk though the combining of nitrous oxide and fentanyl for sedation, the environmental impact of analgesics, the efficacy of acute heart failure treatment with high-dose and low-dose nitrates, and more newly published work from the latest issue of the journal.


Articles discussed in this episode:

Safety and efficacy of a nitrous oxide procedural sedation programme in a paediatric emergency department: a decade of outcomes

Environmental impact of low-dose methoxyflurane versus nitrous oxide for analgesia: how green is the ‘green whistle’?

High-dose versus low-dose intravenous nitroglycerine for sympathetic crashing acute pulmonary edema: a randomised controlled trial

Trip-killers: a concerning practice associated with psychedelic drug use

Effect of intranasal sufentanil on acute post-traumatic pain in the emergency department: a randomised controlled trial


The EMJ podcast is hosted by:

Dr. Richard Body, EMJ Deputy Editor, University of Manchester, UK (@richardbody)

Dr. Sarah Edwards, EMJ Social Media Editor, Leicester Royal Infirmary, UK (@drsarahedwards)

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