Thursday Jun 06, 2024

Patient self-perception, and presentations of headache: June 2024 Primary Survey

How well do patients in the emergency department judge the severity of their situation? Some may fear the worst for any hospital visit, and others not realise that their lives are in danger. This month's first paper is a review of the accuracy of self-prognostication and its relation to admission, severity, and length of stay. Then there's a trio of publications on the challenges of pain in various forms. Starting with a study on the links between red flags in headache assessment, and serious secondary headaches. Next there is a letter, questioning how well pain management is done in the ED. To finish, a new scale has been developed to assess ultrasound-guided fascia iliaca block.

Read the issue highlights: June 2024 Primary Survey

Articles discussed in this episode:

Can acutely ill patients predict their outcomes? A scoping review. Mols EMHaak HHolland M Safer@Home Research Consortium, et al

Predictive performance of the common red flags in emergency department headache patients: a HEAD and HEAD-Colombia study. Chu KKelly AKuan WS HEAD and HEAD-Colombia study groups, et al

Pain in the ED: does anyone manage it well? Wilson SDainty JQuinlan J, et al

Development and validation of an assessment tool for adult simulated ultrasound-guided fascia iliaca block: a prospective monocentric studyGuyader FVioleau MGuenezan J, et al

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