Monday Jan 08, 2024

Managing acute behavioural disturbance, and some innovations in emergency care: January 2024 Primary Survey

What are the questions to ask when dealing with acute behavioural disturbance? Join Sarah and Rick this month for a discussion of this difficult presentation. They also explore the topics of reducing low-acuity attendance, taking NHS 111 online, and the impact of a health coaching intervention for potentially recurrent attendees.

Articles discussed in this episode:

Highlights of the January 2024 issue

Consensus on acute behavioural disturbance in the UK: a multidisciplinary modified Delphi study to determine what it is and how it should be managed

What impact would reducing low-acuity attendance have on emergency department length of stay? A discrete event simulation modelling study

How could online NHS 111 reduce demand for the telephone NHS 111 service? Qualitative study of user and staff views

Impact on all-cause mortality of a case prediction and prevention intervention designed to reduce secondary care utilisation: findings from a randomised controlled trial

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Dr. Richard Body, EMJ Deputy Editor, University of Manchester, UK (@richardbody)

Dr. Sarah Edwards, EMJ Social Media Editor, Leicester Royal Infirmary, UK (@drsarahedwards)

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