Thursday May 09, 2024

Interventions for smoking cessation, AI CT scan triaging, and cyclic vomiting : May 2024 Primary Survey

Should we be bringing preventative medicine into the emergency department, or is it just using up valuable time? Our first paper this month looks at the "Cessation of Smoking Trial in the Emergency Department (COSTED)" trial, which presents the case for opportunistic smoking cessation intervention. Next up is a topical research paper on interpreting CT scans with artificial intelligence, and how machine assessment measures up against experienced physicians. Then there's a trio of troponin papers, discussing high-sensitivity testing. The final paper this time is not a paper but a guideline from the Royal College of Emergency Medicine, setting out best practices for dealing with suspected cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome.

Articles discussed in this episode:
Cessation of Smoking Trial in the Emergency Department (COSTED): a multicentre randomised controlled trial. Pope IClark LVClark A, et al

Using an artificial intelligence software improves emergency medicine physician intracranial haemorrhage detection to radiologist levelsWarman PWarman AWarman R, et al

External validation of a rapid algorithm using high-sensitivity troponin assay results for evaluating patients with suspected acute myocardial infarctionCullen LGreenslade JHStephensen L 2022 SAMIE study group, et al

High-sensitivity troponin testing at the point of care for the diagnosis of myocardial infarction: a prospective emergency department clinical evaluationCurran JMMergo AWhite S, et al

Determination of a whole-blood single-test low-risk threshold for a point-of-care high-sensitivity troponin assay. Pickering JWHamill LAldous S, et al

RCEM best practice guideline: suspected cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome in emergency departments. Humphries CGillings M


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